ONE Championship is closing out the 2019 calendar year with a blockbuster event, and you can stay connected to all of the action. Follow our blog for ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS, coming to you live from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the main event, Thai legend Sam-A Gaiyanghadao challenges "Golden Boy" Wang Junguang for the inaugural ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Championship. Also, Alaverdi “Babyface Killer” Ramazanov takes on "Muay Thai Boy" Zhang Chenglong for the inaugural ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title. Plus, Agilan Thani, Jihin Radzuan, Gurdarshan Mangat, Reece McLaren, Tial Thang, and Lerdsila Phuket Top Team are all in action!

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    Alright, folks. That is a wrap!
    Thanks for joining us for ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS.
    We will see you in 2020!!! :)
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    And congratulations to our ONE Fantasy Champion for ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS, David Xavier. Enjoy your crown ... because everyone will be coming after it in 2020!!!

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    Here is a crazy stat:
    Of Sam-A's strikes thrown, 19% were significant strikes that were landed. Wang's was 14.35%.
    12/6/2019 3:56:17 PM

    Sam-A Gaiyanghadao defeats Wang Junguang via unanimous decision to claim the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Championship

    12/6/2019 3:47:47 PM
    Wang stayed in the face of Sam-A, but the former World Champion scored with an outside leg kick before moving away from the fence.
    The legend covered up on another aggressive flurry by Wang. Breaking through Sam-A's defense proved to be a tall task in every round.
    Sam-A landed a clean right, which only made Wang come forward stronger. The Chinese star caught his adversary with a right hand, but it wasn't enough to wobble the living legend.
    The Thai stepped forward with a straight left hand right on the button. Wang tried to respond, but he couldn't find the mark before the bell.
    12/6/2019 3:47:12 PM
    Wang missed on a spinning back fist, as Sam-A evaded brilliantly.
    The Chinese landed a left, but Sam-A's read on the incoming strikes allowed them to slide off without causing damage. But they still scored from "Golden Boy."
    Sam-A continued with well-timed counters, but Wang was able to find more success in the fourth.
    12/6/2019 3:42:53 PM
    Sam-A was able to double-up on stiff body kicks that were partially blocked by Wang on the outset of the round. "Golden Boy" pushed forward, but Sam-A angled off the fence before he could be caught.
    A low kick from Sam-A spun Wang around. A left jab from Sam-A is like a flash of lightning coming so quickly and it hit Wang flush, but the Chinese star knocked an off-balance legend down on a glancing blow in return.
    Wang still called Sam-A forward in aggressive fashion at the end of the round.
    12/6/2019 3:39:07 PM
    Wang continued his aggressive push forward, keeping Sam-A on his back foot. The Thai clipped "Golden Boy" with a left straight, and he later found a home for the outside leg kick – he landed it three times in short order to Wang's right side.
    The counters of Sam-A kept beating Wang's strikes in the final minute of the round. The timing of the former ONE Super Series Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion was a beautiful display of skill in the second frame.
    12/6/2019 3:34:25 PM
    Wang showed extreme confidence in the opening 30 seconds by pounding on his chest and calling Sam-A forward. The Thai looked calm and felt his rival out early.
    The Chinese striker pressured Sam-A to the fence with a combination, but the Thai covered up and countered well.
    Sam-A fired off a high kick that narrowly missed landing cleanly. Wang tried to land a heavy left hook, but the defense of Sam-A was on point.
    12/6/2019 3:30:20 PM
    12/6/2019 3:20:12 PM
    On the fence? Unsure of how this will play out? Here are four keys to victory for the main event that can help you make a call.
    12/6/2019 3:18:39 PM
    Sam-A talked to about his plan to win the World Title. Read all about his plan to capture another ONE World Championship, this time in the strawweight division and in kickboxing.
    Likewise, Wang told why he can claim victory and the belt. Read all about his strategy.
    12/6/2019 3:14:34 PM
    It’s time for the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Title bout! Sam-A Gaiyanghadao vs. Wang Junguang for all the marbles!
    12/6/2019 3:12:47 PM
    Some stats:
    Ramazanov threw 560 strikes, 95 of which were significant strikes landed.
    Zhang threw 547 strikes, 78 of which were significant strikes landed.
    12/6/2019 3:12:14 PM

    Alaverdi Ramazanov defeats Zhang Chenglong via unanimous decision to claim the ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Championship

    12/6/2019 3:10:12 PM
    Zhang continued to demonstrate the intensity he needed to take control of the bout. Ramazanov tried to go down the middle, but his opponent's rocket of a right hand very nearly caught him clean.
    “Babyface Killer” was busy defending, but he found the time and space to plant a front kick flush to the chest of his Chinese opponent. 
    They clinched up and, again, the Dagestani counterstruck with well-timed kicks and jabs.
    Zhang stormed forward with an offensive tirade, but Ramazanov backpedaled to stay clear of any danger before the bell rang to signal the end of the action.
    12/6/2019 3:09:11 PM
    Ramazanov had some success with his kicks, but Zhang’s pressure is focused. The Shenzhen native, however, lacked the power finish he desired as their exchanges wound up in the clinch often.
    The Russian, who is a three-time IFMA World Champion, defended admirably against a flurry of deadly combinations from an ever-advancing Zhang. But Ramazanov began to pour it on with knees and rippling punches of his own.
    Zhang made it another close encounter as he worked the jab continuously to close out the fourth.
    We are in deep waters. To the fifth we go.
    12/6/2019 3:04:33 PM
    Zhang maintained his work rate going into the third frame as he walked forward constantly.
    Unfortunately, just as he moved forward to strike, he got knocked down by a strong overhand right from the Ramazanov.
    Zhang got back to his feet and tried to engage the Russian in close quarters, and the pair met in the clinch.
    More wild jabs were swung by the Chinese athlete, but Ramazanov’s reach and jabs made things difficult for Zhang.
    Beautiful lateral movement from the Dagestani again saw Zhang miss and slip to the mat. 
    Round four is next.
    12/6/2019 3:00:16 PM
    The initial feeling out in the first period has evaporated and both men looked more lively, with high kicks exchanged between the two. 
    Zhang threatened with forward momentum and Ramazanov tried to throw counters, but neither man could find a clean hit. 
    The Russian ace played to his length advantage as he tried to find a home for his knee whenever Zhang came close. 
    Zhang did well to close distance, and the action will resume once we get into the third round.
    12/6/2019 2:55:59 PM
    Ramazanov connected with a blistering inside leg kick to the thigh of his Chinese opponent. He unloaded a surge of punishing jabs, but “Muay Thai Boy” appeared unfazed.
    A late push kick sent the Chinese athlete backward, followed by another two-piece combination from Ramazanov, as the Russian looked to seize control early. 
    Zhang sent a high kick Ramazanov’s way before the Dagestani loaded up with another front kick that planted his adversary to the canvas.
    Both men continued to trade leg kicks as the action circled to the outside. The bell has rung and we’re headed for the second frame.
    12/6/2019 2:51:56 PM
    12/6/2019 2:40:48 PM

    We spoke with “Muay Thai Boy” about his plan to capture gold at ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS. This is what he had to say.

    12/6/2019 2:39:00 PM

    Take a few moments before the action begins to learn why Ramazanov credits Dagestan for his warrior spirit right here.

    12/6/2019 2:38:09 PM

    The first of two title tilts is ready to go. The ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Championship is on the line between Alaverdi “Babyface Killer” Ramazanov and “Muay Thai Boy” Zhang Chenglong!

    12/6/2019 2:37:42 PM

    Denice Zamboanga defeats Jihin Radzuan via unanimous decision (mixed martial arts — women’s atomweight)

    12/6/2019 2:35:03 PM



    Zamboanga immediately marched forward in search of the takedown, which she got. The Filipina had her against the fence, but “Shadow Cat” worked for a triangle choke. “The Menace Fairtex” remained calm, even as her Malaysian rival threw punches to her head. Jihin switched to an armbar, but Zamboanga eventually slid her arm out.


    In the final minute, the Filipina returned to Jihin’s guard and tried to posture up, but kept eating punches from his opponent. The Malaysian went for an armbar and high guard in the waning seconds of the contest, but she could not secure anything.


    We are going to the scorecards.

    12/6/2019 2:34:04 PM
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