That is it for us from Jakarta, Indonesia. Join us for ONE: KING OF THE JUNGLE in Singapore on Friday, 28 February. We'll see you then!
    2/7/2020 4:20:05 PM

    Congratulations Ryan Liew and Zenkie Colz! You two are the ONE Fantasy Tag Team Champions Of The World! We look forward to your title defense at ONE: KING OF THE JUNGLE!

    2/7/2020 4:19:21 PM
    2/7/2020 4:03:38 PM

    Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy defeats Pongsiri PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym via unanimous decision to claim the ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship

    2/7/2020 3:37:16 PM
    Petchmorakot opened the final round with more jabs and a step-in knee. After obtaining the clinch, he attempted to score a huge knee, but Pongsiri was able to avoid the damaging blow. Back on the outside, Petchmorakot touched his rival with strikes. The PK.Saenchai MuayThaiGym star finally caught one of his kicks and swept Petchmorakot to the canvas, but the Petchyindee Academy representative smiled as he got back up. The final minute looked like much of the bout with Petchmorakot peppering Pongsiri with his punches from distance.
    2/7/2020 3:36:12 PM
    Petchmorakot's step-in knee found its home again, and then the two clinched. In the clinch, he landed more knees and elbows. After the two Thai athletes separated, Pongsiri's body absorbed another knee in the center of the ring. After a brief pause in the action, they resumed with Pongsiri pressing forward to close the distance. He showed fire amidst his frustration, but was not able to connect with clean strikes as Petchmorakot was too far out of range.
    2/7/2020 3:31:45 PM
    Long jabs from Petchmorakot opened the third round. His tempo frustrated Pongsiri, who attempted to march forward but missed on his offense. Finally, he called for Petchmorakot to come forward.  The Petchyindee Academy representative landed another step-in knee before clinching and scoring with a knee to the outside of the ribs of Pongsiri. Petchmorakot closed the round by bouncing around the ring and looking as confident as ever. His volume from a more extended range has negated Pongsiri's ability to be effective with his own strikes.
    2/7/2020 3:27:27 PM
    High kicks from both men are blocked early in the second round. Petchmorakot throws another high kick that lands on the arm of Pongsiri. The PK.Saenchai MuayThaiGym representative struggled to get inside of the long reach in the early rounds. Petchmorakot began upping his tempo with punches and the step-in knee as the round wore on. He led the output late in the round as he worked in more feints to confuse his opposite number.
    2/7/2020 3:22:49 PM
    Pongsiri opened with a left outside leg kick in the opening seconds. Petchmorakot launched a high kick that was blocked. As the taller athlete, Petchmorakot used the teep to keep his compatriot out of his preferred striking range. Pongsiri threw a high kick of his own, but his taller adversary smiled at the attempt. Petchmorakot connected with a step-in knee to the midsection of his Thai countryman. By the end of the first round, it was clear the long legs of Petchmorakot were most effective in the first round.
    2/7/2020 3:18:34 PM
    2/7/2020 3:08:22 PM
    Each man is a four-time Muay Thai World Champion and came through the Bangkok stadium circuit. Now, they are on the global stage and each looking to add a fifth World Title belt to their respective trophy cases.
    2/7/2020 3:06:34 PM
    Pongsiri accepted this golden opportunity on just 48 hours’ notice. He is filling in for Jamal Yusupov and Detrit Sathian Muay Thai, both of whom were forced out of action.
    2/7/2020 3:04:14 PM
    It is now time for the main event! A new World Champion will be crowned in a matter of minutes. Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy and Pongsiri PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym will put it all on the line for the inaugural ONE Featherweight Muay Thai World Championship!
    2/7/2020 3:03:41 PM
    Reinier De Ridder defeats Leandro Ataides via unanimous decision (mixed martial arts – middleweight)
    2/7/2020 3:02:39 PM
    The same offensive tempo in the second round carried over into the third frame. Both men willingly traded jabs, but it was Ataides who responded stronger with a power salvo, which sent the Dutchman reeling backwards. While in the clinch, De Ridder inadvertently connected with a groin strike and the action took a pause for an injury timeout. Once action resumed, Ataides closed the distance well. He landed hard shots to the midsection and head of his taller Dutch foe. There was more action in the clinch from De Ridder, who dug several knees into Ataides’ ribs. "Wolf" broke out from the clinch, but the "The Dutch Knight" went for a single-leg takedown, and he almost got it. Just as De Ridder looked to capitalize, the bell sounded to signal the end of this furious battle.
    2/7/2020 2:59:21 PM
    De Ridder maintained his work rate to start the second frame, as he tried to work in sharp jabs and crosses. Both men started to throw punches with reckless abandon and Ataides scored with a nice flying knee near the corner. De Ridder tangled with his Brazilian rival near the ropes before they popped back to their feet. Ataides continued to swing with power as De Ridder tried to pick his shots, opting for hard lefts to the right temple of the Brazilian. Although there was action from both men, neither could land the clean power hit. Ataides attempted the double-leg takedown, but De Ridder was able to stall and keep things upright.
    2/7/2020 2:49:57 PM
    De Ridder and Ataides both came forward and threw combinations in the opening seconds. De Ridder went for the takedown, which Ataides easily shook off. The Brazilian stalked his foe menacingly before he tied up the Dutchman near the ropes. They fell to the canvas, but Ataides got back up with a tight body lock to contain “The Dutch Knight.” De Ridder tried to go for the kimura, but Ataides’ tight grip made things difficult. The taller Dutchman threw a reverse elbow and got out from under his opponent. The two men tussled again near the ropes, but the five-time BJJ World Champion did well to keep the Dutchman on the defense. De Ridder started to throw hands, however, Ataides stood and returned fire. The bell sounded to signal the end of the round.
    2/7/2020 2:42:40 PM
    2/7/2020 2:31:14 PM

    De Ridder is a perfect 11-0 while Ataides is riding a three-bout win streak of his own into ONE: WARRIOR’S CODE. With a combined 86% finishing rate, you will not want to blink once the bell sounds.

    2/7/2020 2:30:24 PM

    Read how De Ridder is using martial arts values to help shape the next generation of athletes by clicking here.

    2/7/2020 2:29:30 PM

    In the co-main event, Leandro “Wolf” Ataides and Reinier “The Dutch Knight” De Ridder meet with a ONE Middleweight World Title shot hanging in the balance!

    2/7/2020 2:28:21 PM

    Iuri Lapicus defeats Marat Gafurov via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:07 of round one (mixed martial arts – lightweight)

    2/7/2020 2:27:59 PM


    Lapicus was determined to display his striking early. Though he missed his first few shots, he smacked Gafurov early with hard leg kicks, which clearly aggravated him. “Cobra” went for a takedown, but Lapicus reversed the massive attempt and put the Dagestani on the ground. Then, he wrapped his body around the former ONE Featherweight World Champion, locked in a rear-naked choke, and forced him to submit.

    2/7/2020 2:27:37 PM
    2/7/2020 2:25:45 PM


    Lapicus is not only undefeated, but he has finished each and every one of his opponents!

    2/7/2020 2:17:47 PM

    Gafurov is beginning a new journey as he competes in the lightweight division. He told that he is excited for the challenges that await him in the stacked division.

    2/7/2020 2:17:23 PM

    We move to the lightweight division for a high-stakes affair. Former ONE Featherweight World Champion Marat “Cobra” Gafurov makes his debut in this weight class, and he will try to become the first man to defeat Iuri Lapicus.

    2/7/2020 2:15:34 PM
    Eko Roni Saputra defeats Khon Sichan via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:45 of round one (mixed martial arts – flyweight)
    2/7/2020 2:14:32 PM
    Saputra sprung to life seconds after the opening bell sounded. He lunged for the takedown and got Sichan in a body lock on the ground. The Cambodian stood back up and then, in an amazing show of strength, the Indonesian wrestled him down to the canvas again. In top position, Saputra began to rain down elbows and fists. The Indonesian wrestler kept the pressure up, as he dropped one massive elbow after another from full mount. Saputra got an Americana choke going, but he couldn't force the tap. The Indonesian reverted back to full mount, and then he continued with the heavy artillery. He then transitioned to Sichan’s back and locked up his foe in a rear-naked choke. Sichan had no answer and it was an early night for the Cambodian athlete.
    2/7/2020 2:14:12 PM
    2/7/2020 2:03:22 PM


    Sichan has a background in the ancient Cambodian striking art of Kun Khmer with a record of 50-9-1!

    2/7/2020 2:02:10 PM

    Saputra, a multiple-time Indonesian National Wrestling Champion, told that he is aiming to end this one early. Can he do it?

    2/7/2020 2:01:46 PM

    Flyweights Eko Roni Saputra and Khon Sichan make their walks next!

    2/7/2020 2:01:05 PM
    Koyomi Matsushima defeats Kim Jae Woong via TKO at 0:24 of round three (mixed martial arts – featherweight)
    2/7/2020 2:00:23 PM
    Kim came forward instantly, but he ate a clean right hand that stunned him. A follow-up left hook put him on wobbly legs. Seeing his opponent stagger, Matsushima landed two more heavy right hands to drop his opponent. He followed up with ground and pound, and then the referee stepped in to halt the contest.
    2/7/2020 2:00:09 PM
    Matsushima scored with an inside leg kick early and pressured "The Fighting God" to keep him on his backfoot. "Moushigo" completed another takedown, but could not keep Kim down. As Kim stood, the Japanese athlete landed a solid knee to the head. As they clinched, the South Korean scored with a right hook to the body before they separated to the center of the ring again. Matsushima dropped Kim with a strong overhand right hand. The Pancrase ISM Yokohama standout tried to follow-up on the mat, but "The Fighting God" got full guard and recovered from the knockdown. After returning to their feet, Matsushima attempted to take the Extreme Combat and Top Gym BF athlete to the ground again, but this time Kim sprawled effectively. It was another strong round for the Japanese warrior.
    2/7/2020 1:56:04 PM
    Matsushima came out quickly looking for ways to close the distance, and he darted in to complete a takedown around the 30-second mark of the opening round. Kim was quick to get back to his feet.  The South Korean attempted a jumping knee, but "Moushigo" was able to catch it and take him to the canvas. Kim was quick to his feet again, but not for long. Matsushima lifted "The Fighting God" up and walked him to the center of the ring for a huge takedown. Still, Kim was able to get back to his feet without taking damage. The Pancrase ISM Yokohama representative landed several outside leg kicks to keep his South Korean counterpart on the outside, and then the Japanese athlete scored with an overhand right.
    2/7/2020 1:50:26 PM
    2/7/2020 1:42:30 PM
    Before the bell sounds, take a moment to read how one night changed Matsushima’s life forever by clicking right here.
    2/7/2020 1:40:14 PM
    The main card kicks off in the featherweight division. South Korea’s Kim “The Fighting God” Jae Woong meets Koyomi “Moushigo” Matsushima.
    2/7/2020 1:40:01 PM

    P.S. It’s that time again…

    2/7/2020 1:33:18 PM

    It’s time to load up on the snacks before the main card begins. You will not want to leave your couch once it starts! 

    2/7/2020 1:30:50 PM

    That will do it for the lead card. Find out how you can watch the main card in your country right here.

    2/7/2020 1:28:04 PM

    Itsuki Hirata defeats Nyrene Crowley via TKO at 3:27 of round three (mixed martial arts – catch weight of 53.4 kilograms)

    2/7/2020 1:27:51 PM
    The fatigue has started to wear on Crowley’s face as she fell victim to yet another quick takedown from Hirata. “Strong Heart Fighter” controlled her opponent on the ground, got into full mount while she continued to pour on more strikes. Hirata moved onto Crowley’s back, and it was all she needed to unleash the heavy ground and pound attack. The Auckland native had no where to go, leading referee Kemp Cheng to step in and halt the contest.
    2/7/2020 1:26:05 PM
    Hirata and Crowley got tangled within the opening seconds before the Japanese warrior threw her opponent to the canvas. “Strong Heart Fighter” had her adversary tied up and continued to unload several strikes on “Neutron Bomb.” With the Kiwi locked up tight in a reverse triangle, Hirata began to chip away at her foe with punches. The contest went back to the feet for a brief moment, but then Hirata latched on to Crowley and used another judo throw to bring her down. Hirata continued to keep a tight hold, locked up her rival’s arm, and unleashed a series of strikes to Crowley’s exposed temple. It looked like the match was about to be stopped, but the Kiwi was saved by the bell.
    2/7/2020 1:19:54 PM
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