Han starts by throwing out a couple of leg kicks, and now it is Kongsak who shows off his defense.
    The Chinese warrior continues to work on the back leg of his Thai rival, but Kongsak will not be deterred. He continues to unload powerful shots, but they do not find their mark. Han returns fire, catches Kongsak, and dumps him onto the canvas.
    Kongsak continues to lead with his left and throws his right, just as the action comes to a close.
    11/8/2019 11:58:46 AM
    Kongsak began to throw more volume of punches and high kicks, but Han kept up with good defense. The Thai moved forward and started to pressure his Chinese opponent into tight body clinches near the ropes.
    Han is proving resilient, but Kongsak continues to look for the heavy artillery. 
    Round three is up next.
    11/8/2019 11:54:12 AM
    Both men kept a tight guard to open the contest. Han tested his Thai rival with a couple of roundhouse kicks, but Kongsak returned with a low kick off his own that nearly swept the Chinese athlete.
    Kongsak attempted to close the distance with a punching combination, but could not connect. More leg kicks were traded between the two, and the pair locked in a clinch several times in a close round one.
    11/8/2019 11:49:53 AM
    11/8/2019 11:44:02 AM

    Han has won four of his five last bouts, three of which by knockout or TKO.


    Kongsak has won nine of his past 12. Eight of those nine victories were by knockout.


    Someone may go to sleep here.

    11/8/2019 11:41:32 AM

    We’re back to ONE Super Series Muay Thai bantamweight action! China’s Han Zi Hao takes on Kongsak PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym!

    11/8/2019 11:36:32 AM
    11/8/2019 11:35:13 AM

    Robin “The Ilonggo” Catalan defeats Gustavo “El Gladiador” Balart via knockout at 4:43 of round two (mixed martial arts — strawweight)

    11/8/2019 11:32:45 AM
    Balart rushed forward with strikes, and then he rushed forward in search of the takedown. Following a separation from the referee, the Cuban grappler continued to inch forward, and a leg kick swept out his adversary.
    Catalan returned to his feet, counter-punched his opponent when he rushed in, and the two engaged in the clinch once more. Balart tripped him to the canvas, but the Filipino got back to his feet and they soon separated again.
    The local hero threw a head kick that was partially blocked, but Balart showed no signs of hurt. He continued to march forward and even hit a Superman punch.
    Though both men engaged in the clinch once more, Catalan separated. Then, he landed a beautiful roundhouse kick to his opponent’s head, which instantly knocked him out with only seconds remaining in the frame.
    11/8/2019 11:32:11 AM
    Balart moved forward to engage with Catalan, but he used his strikes to set up his takedowns. The local hero countered with some fierce strikes and displayed strong takedown defense, and the two soon exchanged knees in a clinch battle.

    Although Catalan tagged him the moment they separated, Balart continued to quickly close the distance. Finally, three minutes into the round, the Cuban grappling sensation hit the takedown he was looking for.
    Catalan powered himself off the canvas, however, and in the corner, the two had another wild exchange. The pair launched calculated strikes to end the round, but Catalan’s had a little more zing. Balart, to his credit, caught his opponent's attention with a massive punch.
    11/8/2019 11:24:27 AM
    11/8/2019 11:13:11 AM

    Catalan has a tough challenge in Balart, who is a three-time Pan American Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion. However, he has performed well against grapplers. After all, he defeated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Stefer Rahardian earlier this year. 

    11/8/2019 11:11:07 AM

    Filipinos everywhere, stand up! 


    Your compatriot Robin Catalan is up next. He kicks off the night for Team Philippines against Cuban grappling sensation Gustavo Balart.

    11/8/2019 11:09:11 AM
    Tukkatatong Petpayathai defeats Hiroaki “Kaibutsukun” Suzuki via split decision (ONE Super Series Muay Thai — bantamweight)
    11/8/2019 11:08:17 AM
    The body kicks are showing their impact on Suzuki's body as his midsection deepens in a reddish hue. Suzuki still comes forward, but Petpayathai is reading him well. Petpayathai sticks Suzuki with the jab. Suzuki touches Petpayathai with a low leg kick, but Petpayathai returns in kind with a much stronger kick to the body. The power of Petpayathai really showed itself in the latter stages of the contest.
    11/8/2019 11:07:33 AM
    Suzuki is trying to time a counter off of Petpayathai's pressure, but he cannot break through the defense. The two are getting looser after the first round and opening up with stronger strikes. The tempo has increased, but so has the defense from both men. Petpayathai's body kicks are landing with more power as the bout deepens.
    11/8/2019 11:03:28 AM
    There is an early exchange of leg kicks to gauge distance during the feeling out process by both men. Suzuki lands a couple nice, hard outside leg kicks that force Petpayathai to respond. Petpayathai connects with a kick to the body as well. Petpayathai threatens with a left overhand, but Suzuki slips out of danger.
    Suzuki closes the round with a fast combination that forces Petpayathai to cover up.
    11/8/2019 10:58:49 AM
    11/8/2019 10:53:41 AM
    Now, it’s time for the first ONE Super Series Muay Thai match-up of the night! The legend Tukkatatong Petpayathai takes on Hiroaki “Kaibutsukun” Suzuki.
    11/8/2019 10:50:24 AM

    Kim Jae Woong defeats Rafael Nunes via TKO at 0:38 of round three (mixed martial arts — featherweight)

    11/8/2019 10:49:20 AM



    The two traded short punches, but Woong’s hooking liver shot backed up Nunes. He followed that with a flying knee, but the Brazilian covered up. Following a few more knees, Nunes could not defend himself and the bout was called.

    11/8/2019 10:49:05 AM

    Nunes started the second round with intensity, and both warriors squared off in a back-and-forth battle on the ground. The Brazilian was able to maintain control, but Woong scrambled to get back to his feet.
    Then, both men circled each other in search of an opportunity to strike. Woong unloaded some heavy jabs and tried for another flying knee. At this point, it was clear his shots were starting to tire Nunes.
    We are headed into the third round.
    11/8/2019 10:38:25 AM
    Both men traded punches to open up the round. Nunes backed Woong into the corner, but the Korean stung him with a right jab. Nunes went for the single-leg takedown, but Woong evaded.
    After a flying knee attempt, Nunes sprung for another takedown, got the body lock, and swung to take the Korean's back. Woong, however, broke out of the hold.
    Still, the Brazilian would not quit. He got another takedown, and when Woong scrambled to his feet, Nunes held onto his waist and jumped on his back. He started to set up the rear-naked choke, but the bell rung.
    11/8/2019 10:32:46 AM
    11/8/2019 10:23:11 AM

    For those unfamiliar with Woong, here is the inside scoop.


    He has a 9-3 record, with five victories coming via KO. Furthermore, he is a Korea Boxing Champion and a TFC Featherweight Champion.


    In Nunes, he faces a well-rounded Brazilian mixed martial artist who is as dangerous with his hands as he is with his feet.


    This will certainly be a tough test for Woong in his ONE Championship debut.

    11/8/2019 10:18:45 AM

    We caught Kim Kyu Sung backstage following his big win. He flexed for us, and then he told us his feelings. ""At first, I was expecting to get the knockout win in the second round, but I saw [in the first] that I can already pull it off," he said. "I tried to go for that punch, and it landed. I'm very happy to get that win early."

    11/8/2019 10:15:13 AM

    Time for some featherweight action. “The Fighting God” Kim Jae Woong makes his debut against Rafael “Indio” Nunes next.

    11/8/2019 10:04:21 AM
    Kim Kyu Sung on his first-round knockout victory:

    “When I started martial arts, these kind of victories and this kind of feeling gave me the biggest joy and happiness. I think I am going to have the best night ever.”

    11/8/2019 10:04:20 AM

    Kim Kyu Sung defeats Akihiro Fujisawa via knockout at 1:08 of round one (mixed martial arts — flyweight)

    11/8/2019 10:02:43 AM
    Fujisawa circles around his much taller rival. They exchange a few strikes, but as the Japanese warrior darts forward with a combination, Sung drops him with a spectacular shovel uppercut to the chin. This bout is over, quickly.
    11/8/2019 10:01:27 AM
    11/8/2019 9:55:05 AM
    Time for a #RandomFact

    Fujisawa lost to Sung’s Evolve teammate Aleksi Toivonen the last time he competed. Will he earn some redemption tonight?
    Dun dun dun!
    11/8/2019 9:54:05 AM
    These two flyweight mixed martial artists are reputable finishers. 

    Sung has won 78% of his victories via knockout or submission, and Fujisawa has earned ALL his career victories by knockout or submission.
    After reviewing the numbers, there is a high probability that this bout ends by knockout or submission.
    11/8/2019 9:51:13 AM

    The show rages on! Next up is Kim Kyu Sung vs. Akihiro “Superjap” Fujisawa!

    11/8/2019 9:50:41 AM

    Roshan Mainam defeats Khon Sichan via submission (armlock) at 3:22 of round one (mixed martial arts — flyweight)

    11/8/2019 9:49:04 AM

    Both men were very hesitant to strike, but Mainam connected with a leg kick a minute into the match-up and then, living up to his Indian Wrestling Championship status, he hit a picture-perfect double-leg takedown.

    Mainam patiently advanced to full-mount and dropped a few strikes until Sichan’s arm was free. From the full-mount, he latched onto an armlock and forced the submission.
    11/8/2019 9:44:57 AM
    11/8/2019 9:36:35 AM

    We’re getting the party started with a flyweight mixed martial arts showdown between India’s Roshan Mainam and Cambodia’s Khon Sichan.


    We spoke to both of these guys earlier in the week, and each man was very clear with their intentions.


    Sichan is looking to use his stand-up to win. Mainam, however, is looking for a first-round victory by any means necessary.


    Learn more about their pre-bout thoughts here.

    11/8/2019 9:33:29 AM
    Keep on voting, folks!

    In the meantime, here is how you can watch ONE: MASTERS OF FATE live. The show starts in just a few minutes. Get ready 👊
    11/8/2019 9:30:15 AM
    11/8/2019 9:16:16 AM

    The full bout card for ONE: MASTERS OF FATE.

    11/8/2019 9:01:51 AM
    Want to see how some of our biggest stars, like Joshua Pacio, Rene Catalan, Eduard Folayang, and Stamp Fairtex, spent the past week in Manila, Philippines?
    Then check out our Event Week Vlog for ONE: MASTERS OF FATE!
    11/8/2019 8:56:02 AM

    Random Note:

    If you still haven’t done so, then download the ONE Super App and build your team for ONE Fantasy. The winner will get a lot of respect and street cred.

    11/8/2019 8:41:33 AM
    ONE Championship Vice President Miesha Tate breaks down the upcoming mixed martial arts contest between two-sport ONE World Champion Stamp Fairtex and Vietnamese-American star Bi Nguyen!
    11/8/2019 8:25:12 AM
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the official live blog for ONE: MASTERS OF FATE!

    We are an hour away from showtime, so join us as we count down to the event and talk about some of the night’s biggest matches.
    11/8/2019 8:12:53 AM
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