Alright, folks. That's it for us from here in Singapore.
    Join us for ONE: HEART OF HEROES in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Friday, 20 March.
    We'll see you in a few weeks. Thanks for tuning in!
    2/28/2020 3:21:06 PM

    Congratulations Samin Takinan! You are the ONE Fantasy World Champion. Nice stuff. Enjoy this day ... because you will defend your title at ONE: HEART OF HEROES on 20 March!

    2/28/2020 2:55:49 PM
    2/28/2020 2:54:15 PM

    Janet Todd defeats Stamp Fairtex via split decision to claim the ONE Atomweight Kickboxing World Title

    2/28/2020 2:48:37 PM


    Stamp became ultra aggressive, pumping out the jab and connecting with the cross from close quarters. 

    However, as the round wore on, it was Todd who saw success when she closed the distance. In close range, the American would connect with straight punches and left hooks.

    In the final seconds, Stamp attacked with power and ferocity, but Todd seemed to land the cleaner shots.

    This one is going to the judges' scorecards. It will be extremely close.

    2/28/2020 2:46:27 PM


    With the championship rounds underway, Stamp took the lead in the fourth frame. She continued to march down Todd, whose movement slowed down. The Fairtex representative continued to frustrate her opponent with punches up high and then connected with leg kicks.

    Todd would land some clean shots to the head, including a head kick, but Stamp seemingly shook it off. Her focus was to throw high and land a leg kicks to the lead thigh, which she executed wonderfully.

    2/28/2020 2:42:30 PM


    Stamp appeared to take a more aggressive approach in the third round, as she moved forward and initiated more exchanges. The Thai walked straight down the pipe, and threw punches at Todd's head and kicks to the lead leg.

    The American remained calm and tried responding with headshots, followed by her head kick, which did not land.

    In the final minute, the pace slowed down again. While Stamp continued to land with leg kicks, Todd threw hooks to the body and kicks to the head and ribs.

    2/28/2020 2:38:05 PM


    The overall exchanges lessened a tad in the first half of the second frame, but Todd continued to maintain her fast pace. She kept moving around and picking her spots with 1-2 combinations, hooks, and head kick attempts.

    Stamp turned on the heat towards the end of the second round, as she threw leg and body kicks behind her punches. A close exchange of strikes ended the round.

    2/28/2020 2:34:28 PM


    Todd immediately became the aggressor, taking control with her jab. She continually went high with punches and ended the boxing combination with a chopping right leg kick.

    Stamp played the role of the counter striker and looked to get into a rhythm, but Todd kept up the fast and furious pace. The American threw a head kick, and later cleanly connected with a teep to the body.

    The Fairtex representative landed some clean punches like a hook and an overhand right, as well as a few leg kicks of her own, but Todd’s speed and boxing combinations topped by a leg kick was the story of the opening stanza.

    2/28/2020 2:30:33 PM
    2/28/2020 2:19:42 PM
    What does each athlete have to do to score the win? Here are the keys to victory for both Stamp and Todd.
    2/28/2020 2:17:46 PM

    Todd learned a lot in her first bout with Stamp. She told that she wants to go into this meeting with more confidence to capture ONE glory!

    2/28/2020 2:17:33 PM

    Stamp, the two-sport ONE World Champion, originally defeated Todd one year ago in the same arena to claim the inaugural ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Title. Can history repeat itself tonight?

    2/28/2020 2:13:08 PM

    It’s time for the main event – Stamp Fairtex vs. Janet Todd II. This time for the ONE Atomweight Kickboxing World Championship! 

    2/28/2020 2:12:36 PM

    Sam-A Gaiyanghadao defeats Rocky Ogden via unanimous decision to claim the inaugural ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Title

    2/28/2020 2:12:24 PM
    Sam-A opened the final round aggressively. Ogden caught numerous punches on the face, but he did not fall, showcasing his toughness. The Aussie landed a right hand over the top, and Sam-A acknowledged it.
    The Evolve MMA representative scored with another body kick, something he found a home for routinely in the tilt. He battered the body of the Boonshu Gym warrior in every round.
    Sam-A also fired a laser left hand down the pipe, which connected. It was a showcase of impeccable technique from the legendary Thai.
    2/28/2020 2:10:42 PM
    After an exchange of leg kicks, Ogden tried to get inside to utilize his boxing, but Sam-A managed the distance like a true master. Ogden kept coming, but the living legend sent him crashing to the mat with a textbook catch-and-sweep. He followed with another sweep soon thereafter.
    The experience advantage for the Evolve MMA star paid dividends in the championship rounds. The Aussie kept coming, but he could not figure out the puzzle of Sam-A.
    Breaking through the defense proved near-impossible through four rounds. The Thai closed the frame with left straight, and then a high kick.
    2/28/2020 2:06:24 PM
    Sam-A went high with a kick, but the Aussie was able to slip it. The John Wayne Parr pupil kept pressing forward in the third round, but the Thai's defense was on point.
    Sam-A struggled to find many clean strikes of his own during the first two minutes, but they still landed with power.
    The veteran closed the third round with a calculated combination – his elbow cracked the side of Ogden's head, and then he landed a crushing knee to the body.
    2/28/2020 2:02:24 PM
    A kick from the Boonshu Gym athlete landed a little low, but Sam-A did not take any time off from action. The Thai began pressing the action a little more to put Ogden on his back foot.
    Sam-A began mixing up his strikes as the tempo went up, and Ogden came forward with a stiff right hand. The Evolve MMA star scored with a brilliant kick to the midsection. Ogden attempted to close the round in style, but it was Sam-A who finished the second frame with multiple strikes finding their mark on the Aussie.
    2/28/2020 1:58:05 PM
    Ogden got the party started with a low inside leg kick. Sam-A responded in kind. Sam-A scored with a second leg kick that landed with a thud. They exchanged more leg kicks, but it was the Thai whose kicks landed with greater power.
    The ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion pelted the Aussie with a kick to the body. Ogden got another low kick to land, but he was too far out to make his boxing a factor in the first round. It was a methodical opening round from both participants.
    2/28/2020 1:54:00 PM
    2/28/2020 1:46:21 PM

    Click here for the ONE expert analysis of Sam-A vs. Ogden from Michael Schiavello and Mitch Chilson!

    2/28/2020 1:44:24 PM

    Can Rocky shock the world? We know Rocky Balboa did, so why can’t Rocky Ogden?

    2/28/2020 1:41:05 PM

    Sam-A, who is also the ONE Strawweight Kickboxing World Champion, could win his third inaugural ONE Super Series World Title tonight. Go inside the mind of the living legend ahead of this match-up.

    2/28/2020 1:39:14 PM
    Ready to see some history? It’s time to crown the first-ever ONE Strawweight Muay Thai World Champion! Sam-A Gaiyanghadao meets Rocky Ogden in tonight’s co-main event.
    2/28/2020 1:38:57 PM

    Kimihiro Eto defeats Amir Khan via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:39 of round one (mixed martial arts – lightweight)

    2/28/2020 1:35:13 PM


    Both men were eager to trade early. Eto tried for the quick takedown, only to be denied by the Singaporean athlete, who locked him into the clinch near the Circle Wall.

    The Japanese reversed the position, clasped his hands around Khan's body, forced him to the ground, and got into full mount.

    As Khan tried to scramble away, Eto took his back and slapped on the rear-naked choke, which forced the Singaporean to tap out.

    2/28/2020 1:35:08 PM
    2/28/2020 1:27:41 PM

    Despite being former sparring partners, Khan wants to finish the Japanese athlete. He told us that, and more, here.

    2/28/2020 1:26:57 PM

    These two are former sparring partners, and Eto told he is ready for an aggressive performance in Singapore.

    2/28/2020 1:25:57 PM

    Lightweights Amir Khan and Kimihiro Eto are scheduled to clash next!

    2/28/2020 1:25:34 PM

    Yoshihiro Akiyama defeats Sherif Mohamed via knockout at 3:04 of round one (mixed martial arts – welterweight)

    2/28/2020 1:23:18 PM
    Akiyama rushed to take the center of the Circle, but he showed concern for Mohamed's power. The Egyptian looked for big shots, and he connected with some of them cleanly. "Sexy Yama" was stunned, but he survived after Mohamed failed to close to the show.
    "The Shark" continued to march forward, looking for his next power punch, but Akiyama's defense tightened up to prevent a clean shot from landing. Leg kicks became a focus for the Japanese-South Korean, who started to fire them.
    Akiyama scored with a counter right hand as the Egyptian came forward. Another leg kick landed, and "The Shark" was not able to hide the pain. The Shark Gym athlete continued to press forward and chased "Sexy Yama," but it proved to cost him in the end.
    As Mohamed moved forward, Akiyama landed a clean right hand that put the Egyptian down on the mat. The Japanese-South Korean followed up with a final ground punch before the referee waved off the action.
    2/28/2020 1:22:39 PM
    2/28/2020 1:14:07 PM

    Akiyama sports an 86% finishing rate, but Mohamed has stopped his opponents in each one of his eight career victories. Strap in for this one!

    2/28/2020 1:12:00 PM

    Watch Yoshihiro Akiyama rate top celebrities on his “Sexy Yama” Scale right here.

    2/28/2020 1:11:19 PM
    We move to the welterweight division for the return of “Sexy Yama!” He squares off again Egyptian warrior Sherif Mohamed, who will try to spring the upset inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
    2/28/2020 1:08:52 PM

    Tiffany Teo defeats Ayaka Miura via TKO at 4:45 of round three (mixed martial arts – women’s strawweight)

    2/28/2020 1:05:06 PM


    The Singaporean boxing champion continued to threaten with her fast jab.

    Miura’s takedown attempt was easily rebuffed and Teo began to work in a rhythm, throwing slick combinations of kicks and punches that kept the Japanese athlete on the backfoot.

    Teo’s range and timing continued to frustrate Miura as they danced around the circle. Miura flails wildly, but she is fatigued and cannot land a clean hit.

    The Singaporean looked increasingly comfortable with her hands as the round wore on. Miura tried for a single-leg takedown, but Teo stuffed it and unleashed a flurry of strikes.

    Referee Olivier Coste had seen enough and stepped in to wave off the contest.

    2/28/2020 1:03:53 PM


    Teo landed some outside kicks, but Miura shot for the takedown and grabbed hold of the Singaporean athlete’s arm.

    Despite some right hands from “No Chill,” Miura refused to let go. However, when she finally did, both women reset to the center of the Circle. The Japanese athlete proved to be relentless in her pursuit of the takedown and drove Teo back to the Circle Wall again.

    Teo saw an opening and began to stick quick jabs to her Japanese rival’s cheek. The Team Highlight Reel representative walked down her rival and continued to frustrate her with stiff jabs and outside leg kicks.

    "No Chill" scored with more kicks – to the temple and outside thigh before Miura jumped for a takedown. The Singaporean unloaded powerful knees just as the bell sounded.

    2/28/2020 12:57:56 PM


    Teo started with aggression as she locked on to her Japanese rival.

    Both exchanged some jabs before Miura lunged for the takedown. However, Teo was wise to her attempt, kept herself on the outside and managed to take Miura’s back.

    Miura slipped from under Teo’s arm and got into side control after several scrambles before slipping onto a headlock.

    The Japanese athlete maintained her control, but Teo was able to work back to her feet. The Singaporean broke off from the clinch and launched a high kick just as an intense first round came to a close.

    2/28/2020 12:51:47 PM
    2/28/2020 12:40:00 PM

    Teo knows Miura has dominated all of her opponents on the ground. However, as she told, she is not afraid to grapple with the Japanese standout.

    2/28/2020 12:39:31 PM

    Submission specialist Miura told that she can be the one to first submit “No Chill.”

    2/28/2020 12:38:29 PM

    The main card will kick off with a ONE Women’s Strawweight World Title eliminator! Tiffany “No Chill” Teo and Ayaka Miura will battle for the right to challenge “The Panda” Xiong Jing Nan later in 2020!

    2/28/2020 12:38:08 PM

    How excited are you for this main card, featuring TWO World Title tilts and the return of “Sexy Yama”?

    This is how excited we are:


    2/28/2020 12:32:18 PM

    It’s a packed main card. Before it starts, here are five questions that are sure to be answered!

    2/28/2020 12:31:31 PM

    We’re at that point in the card again. Hit it!

    2/28/2020 12:30:33 PM
    With the victory, Denice Zamboanga earned a ONE Women's Atomweight World Title shot. She will face "Unstoppable" Angela Lee at some point in 2020.
    2/28/2020 12:29:26 PM

    Denice Zamboanga defeats Mei Yamaguchi via unanimous decision (mixed martial arts – women’s atomweight)

    2/28/2020 12:28:25 PM
    Both women opened the final round with punches, and it was "V.V" who landed more cleanly with a straight right hand. Yamaguchi dropped for a takedown, but it was too telegraphed and easily defended. A good combination from the Fairtex Gym representative scored as a clean straight right broke through the guard of her opponent.
    The jab became an effective tool in the third round for the Filipina. She stuck Yamaguchi in the face multiple times. As the halfway mark hit, the two clinched along the Circle Wall with Zamboanga holding the outside position. Yamaguchi landed a good inside knee to the body, but Zamboanga scored with an elbow that came slicing across to the face.
    The Fairtex Gym standout maintained control from the outside position, and she landed good knees to the body and elbows to the face. Yamaguchi's face showed the damage done.
    2/28/2020 12:26:31 PM
    The Filipina used her jab in the opening minute, but Yamaguchi was beyond the range. "V.V" came in with an overhand right that connected.
    Zamboanga turned up the tempo with a combination that forced Yamaguchi to circle away. Back in the center of the Circle, the Japanese star used her striking to get a response from Zamboanga. As the Filipina returned fire, "V.V" changed levels and completed the takedown.
    Unable to get many strikes through Zamboanga's guard, Yamaguchi dropped for a leg lock. The Fairtex Gym representative defended and landed some clean punches on the mat while the Japanese veteran was unable to defend the incoming strikes.
    2/28/2020 12:19:38 PM
    Yamaguchi circled on the outside while pumping out her jab to gauge the distance against her larger opponent. "V.V" shot for her first takedown, but Zamboanga stuffed it nicely and forced her against the Circle Wall. "The Menace Fairtex" used her size advantage well in the first half of the opening round.
    Zamboanga fired off her jab in the face of her Japanese foe. Yamaguchi went for another takedown, but Zamboanga stuffed it and ended up on top. "V.V" scrambled and attacked with a single-leg, but the Fairtex Gym representative showcased outstanding defense.
    They mixed it up, and it was Yamaguchi who got the better of the exchange with shorter punches. Zamboanga tried to even the score in the final few seconds with more punches.
    2/28/2020 12:13:58 PM
    2/28/2020 12:05:42 PM
    Yamaguchi wants a trilogy out with ONE Women’s Atomweight World Champion “Unstoppable” Angela Lee. A victory may not guarantee that will happen, but it will bring her awfully close to it.
    2/28/2020 12:04:59 PM
    Read how an early loss in Kyokushin karate was the turning point for Zamboanga prior to her journey into mixed martial arts.
    2/28/2020 12:02:13 PM
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