That's it for us from Manila, Philippines.
    Join us next Friday, 7 February for ONE: WARRIOR'S CODE in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    Enjoy the weekend!
    1/31/2020 4:00:22 PM
    1/31/2020 3:21:51 PM

    Congratulations, Michael Owens. You are tonight's ONE Fantasy World Champion. Let's see if you can retain your title next week, dude.

    1/31/2020 3:10:58 PM
    Now, who is ready to find out who our ONE Fantasy World Champion is tonight!?!?
    1/31/2020 3:09:58 PM

    Who is ONE Strawweight World Champion Joshua Pacio hugging after his successful World Title defense? His hero, Eduard Folayang.

    1/31/2020 3:08:06 PM

    ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon Vera was overjoyed as he watched his compatriot, Joshua Pacio, pull out a close victory.

    1/31/2020 3:04:30 PM

    Joshua Pacio defeats Alex Silva via split decision (ONE Strawweight World Title)

    1/31/2020 3:03:39 PM
    Pacio uncorked a jumping knee that caught Silva flush, but surprisingly the Brazilian was able to nab a quick takedown in the process.
    Silva continued to struggle past top position and the action again resets to the middle as Pacio worked his way back to his feet.
    After a spinning roundhouse kick from Pacio which barely touched Silva’s ribs, the Brazilian took his Filipino opponent down. Silva could not find the space to unload the ground and pound strikes, and he had yet to find a way past half guard or move into side control.
    After a mad scramble in the last seconds of the match, they break up, both exhausted but each believing he had done enough to win.
    The judges have a tough decision on their hands.
    1/31/2020 3:03:21 PM
    Pacio scored an underhook to take Silva down and followed up by establishing top position over his Brazilian rival, but could not find a way past his guard.
    “The Passion” stood back up and the two proceeded to trade heavy blows in the center of the circle.
    Pacio landed a well-timed spinning back fist and the Brazilian lunged for the takedown. They jostled and Silva executed a nice elevator sweep to reverse position but again it was a stalemate.
    The action continues in the fifth.
    1/31/2020 2:55:01 PM
    Both men approached with caution, and the deadlock was broken by a leg kick from the Filipino athlete.
    Silva was kept at bay by a knee and uppercut combination. He went for the takedown shortly after, but could not hold the Team Lakay representative down.
    After repeated takedown attempts, Silva got Pacio in a body lock near the Circle Wall and dragged his opponent to the canvas. Pacio’s closed guard continued to foil attempts by Silva to hold him down, and they soon resumed action on the feet.
    They circled, as each man looked for an opening, but found none just as the third round came to a close.
    1/31/2020 2:48:50 PM
    Silva let loose with some overhand rights, and then he went for the single leg takedown. A wild scramble ensued as Silva tried to pass guard.
    The Brazilian continued to throw shots at the midsection of his Filipino rival in an attempt to open him up, but "The Passion" held a tight guard to prevent Silva from posturing up.
    Pacio got up and deftly transitioned into body lock, and then he took Silva down. However, the Evolve representative was able to get back to his feet.
    The defending ONE Strawweight World Champion threw a kick that went high and over, and Silva tipped him down to the mat. The Brazilian worked to move to full-mount, and he got the arm-triangle choke locked in tight, but Pacio survived by slipping his head out.
    Silva continued his relentless attack on the ground, going for the leg lock, but he could not find the leverage as the round ended.
    1/31/2020 2:42:36 PM
    The contest goes to the ground within the opening minute, but Pacio got back to his feet.
    Silva tried for the low single leg takedown, but the young Filipino stood his ground and replied with inside kicks to the leg.
    After a clinch, the Singapore-based Brazilian brought “The Passion” down to the mat, but the two men got back into a stand-up battle soon thereafter.
    "Little Rock" tried to establish a hard jab down the middle, but he was cast on the backfoot by an advancing Pacio. Silva got clipped down to the canvas, but Pacio turned down the invitation to grapple with the BJJ World Champion.
    Pacio managed to take down Silva and tried to lock-in a guillotine, but the Brazilian escaped to go into the second round.
    1/31/2020 2:36:31 PM
    1/31/2020 2:23:35 PM

    Having trouble with a prediction? Here are the keys to victory for the champion and challenger.

    1/31/2020 2:22:46 PM

    Click here to watch the ONE Expert Breakdown of tonight’s main event.

    1/31/2020 2:21:52 PM

    Alex “Little Rock” Silva has finished eight of his nine career wins via submission. Will he add Joshua “The Passion” Pacio to that list tonight in order to regain the strawweight belt?

    1/31/2020 2:21:13 PM

    It has all lead to this – the ONE Strawweight World Championship between the reigning king, Joshua “The Passion” Pacio, and the former king, Alex “Little Rock” Silva.

    1/31/2020 2:20:29 PM

    Pieter Buist is still buzzing over his split decision win against Eduard Folayang. What made it even better? Competing against the Filipino icon in the nation's capital and feeling the crowd's energy. "I've got so much love for the Manila fans," he said backstage. "Manila, I love you!"

    1/31/2020 2:19:49 PM

    Danny Kingad was thrilled to get back in the Winner's Circle. "I feel blessed," he said backstage. "I just want to thank all my supporters and my team for being there since day one."

    1/31/2020 2:19:44 PM

    Pieter Buist defeats Eduard Folayang via split decision (mixed martial arts – lightweight)

    1/31/2020 2:18:14 PM
    "Landslide" landed a strong low kick, but the Dutchman connected with a head kick that visibly stunned the Filipino. "The Archangel" tried to cinch up a guillotine, but Folayang slipped out and gained outside position alongside the Circle Wall as they remained entangled.
    Folayang briefly attempted a takedown, but elbows forced him to abandon the idea. The two went back to the center of the Circle with just over two minutes remaining in the bout.
    Buist landed a nice left hook and continued to pressure Folayang. The Filipino feinted enough to keep Buist's respect, and took him down in the final minute. "The Archangel," however, bounced right back to his feet.
    The two swung away in the closing moments of an outstanding three-round battle. It has gone to the judges' scorecards.
    1/31/2020 2:17:35 PM
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