So immediate thoughts on ONE: CENTURY PART I overall?
    Wow. What a show.
    The prelims were off the chain (read here)
    Christian Lee won more gold (read more)
    Janet Todd landed the knockout heard around the world (read more)
    Demetrious Johnson proved he is the flyweight king (read more)
    and Angela Lee mounted a come-from-behind win with seconds to spare.

    Will ONE: CENTURY PART II top this? Check out the live blog now to find out! :)
    10/13/2019 6:41:21 AM
  • The official trailer to the ONE Lightweight World Grand Prix Championship Final, which will kick off the main card later today.
    10/13/2019 11:15:30 AM
  • Congratulations to Markyell Lee for winning ONE FANTASY at ONE: CENTURY PART I! #Respect

    10/13/2019 6:31:42 AM
  • New ONE Lightweight World Grand Prix Champion Christian "The Warrior" Lee gets a heartfelt message about his big win at ONE: CENTURY.

    10/13/2019 6:29:25 AM
  • ONE Women's Atomweight World Champion "Unstoppable" Angela Lee answering some questions.

    10/13/2019 6:28:25 AM

    Christian Lee on who could be next for the ONE Lightweight World Title:


    “I keep track of the whole division because I am the champion and there are a lot of top contenders [who were] taken out of the Grand Prix due to injury. I would say there are a number of them worthy to be the contender, but as we are doing the first show live in the U.S. on TNT, a show in New York with Eddie Alvarez or Hawaii [would be interesting]. I would like to be the first one to bring ONE Championship to the 'States.”

    10/13/2019 6:03:01 AM

    Angela Lee has a goal she wants to achieve.


    What is it? Simple.


    “I am coming for the strawwieght belt next — that’s my goal.”

    10/13/2019 5:50:20 AM
    Angela Lee on her big fifth round win:

    “Honestly, in the last round. I couldn’t see straight. I was in a daze. I was rocked. The only thing keeping me going were the voices of my dad and my brother, coaching me step by step every last bit until the finish.”

    10/13/2019 5:49:25 AM

    Christian and Angela Lee, the first brother-sister mixed martial arts World Champions in history, are both answering questions at the press conferences after going through a pair of wars. #Respect

    10/13/2019 5:46:08 AM

    Demetrious Johnson and Christian Lee show off their newly won ONE World Grand Prix Title belts. Those are looking fresh!

    10/13/2019 5:42:56 AM

    Yushin Okami on his first win in ONE Championship:

    “For the first two matches I did, I think I fought too much and they were difficult fights. I went back into the cage to fight again, and despite having losses, I could re-establish my fighting style. Today against Thani, it was a tough fight, but I think I came through and think I can take some responsibility for representing ONE in this match."

    10/13/2019 5:34:36 AM
    Yushin Okami on what's next:

    “I think I am so used up — [I used a lot of] energy with my mind and [my body], so I would like to take a rest and then think about the next fight."
    10/13/2019 5:31:57 AM
    Yuya Wakamatsu speaks on his win and his next possible opponent:

    "I could win, but it wasn’t a really good win, and I was so hurt. [I will let] my right fist recover and in the next match, I would like to fight Danny Kingad or Kairat Akhmetov."
    10/13/2019 5:29:45 AM
    Chatri Sityodtong confirms Demetrious Johnson's next match will be against Adriano Moraes for the Brazilian's ONE Flyweight World Title. Says it could happen March, maybe earlier.
    10/13/2019 5:27:07 AM
    Chatri Sityodtong said he expects to see Angela Lee and Xiong Jing Nan in a third bout. He doesn't know the weight class, but he will speak to the both of them about the possible trilogy.
    10/13/2019 5:25:28 AM
    10/13/2019 5:24:08 AM

    Angela Lee defeats Xiong Jing Nan via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:48 of round five to retain the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Championship

    10/13/2019 5:02:47 AM


    Lee utilized the kicks early into the final stanza, but stumbled when Xiong blocked one. The two continued to jockey for position in the clinch battle against the fence, with the Singaporean desperately trying to bring the strawweight queen down.

    Soon, Lee dropped to grab a leg, but Xiong stopped the attempt and rained down punches over her opponent. However, the Singaporean cleverly scrambled, grabbed her opponent’s waist, suplexed her, and took the Chinese warrior’s back. She went for the rear-naked choke, but could not cinch it up.

    Lee's persistence paid off, however. With seconds remaining in the frame, she finally succeeded and tapped out “The Panda.”

    10/13/2019 5:01:44 AM


    Lee may have dominated the proceedings on the ground, but Xiong continued to showcase her advantage in the striking department. She continued to land clean shots, and even dropped the Singaporean early. Lee bounced back up and tried to get a body lock takedown, but the Chinese powerhouse thwarted the effort to keep the action upright. Xiong’s boxing continued today dividends, as she connected with her hooks and brilliantly dodged her opponent’s fists. That did not deter Lee, however, she began to stalk her rival towards the end of the frame.

    10/13/2019 4:55:27 AM


    The round started with a test of fists, similar to the previous one, but Lee managed to bring Xiong down into her realm after 90 seconds. Lee transitioned well to a dominant position, pushing her opponent to the Circle’s fence and pounding her head with her fists. When Xiong tried to escape, the Singaporean transitioned to her back and dominated her. After a failed attempt on a rear-naked choke, Lee continued her ground assault up to the end of the stanza.

    10/13/2019 4:51:04 AM
    The second round started with another striking exchange, as Xiong shows her dominance while Lee maintains a good distance. Lee again went for the clinch and pressured "The Panda" at the  side, with a good takedown attempt that didn't work out. In the final minutes, Lee managed to bring Xiong down with a one-leg takedown, and went into the top position. She tried to do a couple of transitions, seeking gaps on Xiong's defense, but was unable to finish as the bell rings.
    10/13/2019 4:43:43 AM
    The two World Champions started slow in the opening stanza as they try to measure each other. Lee managed to go into clinch, but Xiong escaped and brought back the bout into fast, strong striking exchanges – with a couple of blows landing. Entering the final minutes, Lee again pins her opponent to the Circle side, but failed to take advantage. Within the last 30 seconds, Xiong managed to land a couple of strong overhand rights on Lee.
    10/13/2019 4:38:49 AM
    The biggest ONE Women's Atomweight World Title bout in history is about to go down!
    Will Angela Lee get some redemption from "The Panda" Xiong Jing Nan, or will the strawweight queen defeat Lee twice and become the first female to hold two ONE World Titles in separate divisions?
    Stay tuned!
    10/13/2019 4:25:13 AM
    Get ready, fans -- the main event of ONE: CENTURY PART I is next!!!
    10/13/2019 4:20:25 AM
    Demetrious Johnson defeats Danny Kingad via unanimous decision to become the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Champion
    10/13/2019 4:19:05 AM


    It was rinse and repeat for Demetrious Johnson, who continued to put on a grappling clinic. Kingad reversed course at one point and hit a takedown of his own. He tried his best to land some shots and even went for an armbar, but the clever American maintained his cool. Johnson escaped an ill-fated armbar attempt, took control of Kingad, and latched onto the Filipino’s back. Time expired before he could lock-in a submission, but it looks like he did enough to win.


    10/13/2019 4:18:54 AM


    Demetrious Johnson picked up where he left off. He quickly secured the takedown, but Danny Kingad continued to display his improved defense. The Filipino escaped from side control and brought the action back to the feet, where he could utilize his wushu background. Unfazed, Johnson rushed in with some punches and took Kingad back to the mat. The American continued to jockey for position, even going for an armbar at one point, but the Filipino brilliantly recognized the threat. Johnson was undeterred, however, and he continued to showcase his dominant grappling prowess till the end of the stanza.

    10/13/2019 4:10:01 AM


    Demetrious Johnson wasted no time in going for the takedown, but Danny Kingad thwarted the attempt and the pair engaged in a clinch battle against the Circle’s fence. They traded knee strikes before separating. The two dodged each other’s strikes for the most part, but the American flashed his speed by hitting a lightning-quick double-leg takedown. It was a constant battle for position, with Johnson usually remaining on top. He finally secured side control and came extremely close to locking up the kimura. But when that failed, he transitioned to mount. Johnson was unable to finish the Filipino, which brought the bout into round two.

    10/13/2019 4:03:38 AM
    And it's on to the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship Final.
    Will Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson remain undefeated, claim the belt, and win a title shot at ONE Flyweight World Champion Adriano Moraes, or will Danny "The King" Kingad pull off the upset?
    Dun dun dun!
    10/13/2019 3:56:45 AM
    Janet Todd defeats Ekaterina Vandaryeva via knockout at 2:29 of round two.
    10/13/2019 3:55:28 AM


    The two engaged as soon as the bell to begin round two rang. They beautifully mixed up their combinations, throwing punches and punctuating the combos with kicks. Soon, the bout settled more into a slightly slower rhythm. Janet Todd landed some clean counter left hooks and low kicks, while Ekaterina Vandaryeva kicked from a distance. However, Todd smacked the Belarussian with a jab and roundhouse to the head, which knocked her out cold.

    10/13/2019 3:55:11 AM


    One minute into the first round, Janet Todd tried to chop down Ekaterina Vandaryeva with her right kick, but the Belarussian quickly responded by delivering a rain of punches. They engaged in the clinch for battle, but were separated by the referee. Notably, Vandaryeva connected with a spinning back fist, but it didn't seem to phase the American. We are off to round two.

    10/13/2019 3:54:27 AM
    Ekaterina “Barbie” Vandaryeva does not look like your typical Muay Thai World Champion. Here is her story.
    10/13/2019 3:36:56 AM
    We are going back to Muay Thai.
    American Muay Thai darling Janet Todd is about to collide with Ekaterina "Barbie" Vandaryeva
    10/13/2019 3:33:46 AM

    Christian Lee defeats Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev via unanimous decision to become the ONE Lightweight World Grand Prix Champion.

    10/13/2019 3:30:43 AM


    The grappling battle continued early in the period. Arslanaliev tried to keep the match upright to unleash his strikes, but Lee refused to abandon his game plan. “Dagi” connected with a mean uppercut that popped his rival, but the Singaporean landed a takedown and slid into full mount. He transitioned to Arslanaliev’s back, methodically punched the Turkish phenom’s head, and continued to punch away until the bell rang to end the clash.

    10/13/2019 3:29:16 AM


    Following a quick takedown from Lee, the two men stood toe-to-toe. He continued to mix up his strikes with takedown attempts, briefly bringing Arslanaliev to the canvas. At one point, Lee forced him to the mat and assumed the mount position once more, but Arslanaliev escaped.

    The grappling battle raged on, with the Singaporean hitting another takedown and transitioning to full mount again. He tried to carefully unleash ground and pound, but Arslanaliev defended well to see the third and final round.

    10/13/2019 3:24:08 AM
    Both Dagi and Lee went back and forth with various striking and takedown attempts. However, towards the end of the frame, Lee successfully nailed a takedown and secured the mount position. He hit “Dagi” with ferocious ground and pound until the bell sounded.
    10/13/2019 3:23:03 AM
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