Alright, folks. That's it for us from Bangkok, Thailand.
    Join us for our next event, ONE: FIRE & FURY, in Manila, Philippines on Friday, 31 January.
    Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you soon :)
    1/10/2020 4:37:27 PM

    Rodtang is feeling all sorts of happy right now. The Thai defended his ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title, is surrounded by his loved ones, and feels more motivated than ever. “My excitement was on level 10, more than ever. I defended my belt in my home country, in front of my whole big family and fans,” he said. “Haggerty improved a lot. I knew he would come into the bout more than 100 percent. I trained for this fight for almost two months. Having a girlfriend as a two-sport ONE World Champion motivated me to keep this belt and try to get another belt, too.”

    1/10/2020 4:29:19 PM

    Two-sport ONE World Champion is very pleased with her victory over Puja Tomar. She pushed her mixed martial arts record to 4-0 and recorded another signature finish. “This fight, I use only 25 percent of my power. It finished quicker than I thought it would,” she said. “I planned to strike, but since she took me down, I had to use everything I learned. I couldn’t submit her because she defended well, so I finished her by TKO.”

    1/10/2020 4:20:23 PM

    Sangmanee Sathian MuayThai is happy with his win, but the Thai told us he planned to end it sooner. "I planned to knock him out but after the first round, but I injured my hand by punching him on the head," he confessed. "So I had to keep my emotions under control and changed my strategy to use my legs instead, as you saw. He has a heavy punch, which was dangerous, but the rest [of his strikes], I can handle. I don't know why, but I am still excited to fight in ONE, which never happened in the local stadiums."

    1/10/2020 4:11:51 PM
    1/10/2020 3:51:14 PM
    1/10/2020 3:45:11 PM
    Stay tuned. We have some exclusive backstage comments from the winners coming.
    1/10/2020 3:37:41 PM

    This is not a mistake. Siddiq Hisham Siddiq is the first ONE Fantasy World Champion of 2020. Congratulations, SHS. It's hard to win the belt, but even harder to defend it. See you in two weeks in Manila, dude!

    1/10/2020 3:32:03 PM
    Now, it's time to announce the first ONE Fantasy Champion Of 2020!
    1/10/2020 3:29:54 PM

    Rodtang Jitmuangnon defeats Jonathan Haggerty via TKO at 2:39 of round three (ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion)

    1/10/2020 3:23:39 PM
    Rodtang walked his challenger down and called for him to step forward. Injury time was called to check the eye of "The General" after an accidental thumb to the eye.
    The two warriors quickly went back to work. Haggerty landed a nice right hand that only sparked Rodtang into launching a flowing combination. The flurry buckled "The General" and put him on the mat for the first knockdown of the third round.
    "The Iron Man" continued marching forward with intensity and power. Another combination put the former champ on the ground for the second time of the frame.
    Haggerty answered the count once more, but Rodtang looked too strong. He knew he had the victory in his grasp and would not allow it to slip away. The Thai continued his barrage, and Haggerty was sent to the canvas for a third and final time in the round.
    An incredible performance from Rodtang to retain the World Championship!
    1/10/2020 3:22:34 PM
    Rodtang opened the second round with a right outside leg kick. He pressured "The General" to the ropes while seeking another liver shot.
    "The Iron Man" exploited the opening to the body early in the bout to great effect. Haggerty landed a nice jab to the left eye of the champion, creating a small hematoma.
    Soon, Rodtang went back to the body. The Englishman started landing more kicks of his own in the final minute, but the Thai star closed the round by coming forward and motioned to the crowd after the horn.
    The two best flyweights in the world are certainly putting on a show.
    1/10/2020 3:16:17 PM
    Haggerty came out with a push kick right away to get the attention of Rodtang. They closed the distance, and the champion scored with a right hand over the top, which connected cleanly.
    Rodtang changed levels and went to the body. Haggerty tried to respond, but the champion dug another into the liver, which put the challenger on the canvas.
    The former World Champion gathered himself after the count and settled back into the contest. Rodtang tried going back to the liver, but Haggerty began guarding it more intently.

    "The Iron Man" fired off low leg kicks. Haggerty stepped in with an elbow, but Rodtang unloaded a combination in response at the bell.
    1/10/2020 3:11:28 PM
    1/10/2020 3:04:47 PM
    Having trouble with a prediction? Here are the keys to victory for the champion and challenger.
    1/10/2020 3:01:19 PM
    “The General” is not just a leader inside the ring. Haggerty is giving back to his community, and you can read about his hard work to help the troubled youth right here.
    1/10/2020 2:58:38 PM

    Rodtang got the decision last August at ONE: DAWN OF HEROES, which was named the Top ONE Super Series Bout Of 2019. But Haggerty is intent on reclaiming the gold. Grab your popcorn for this battle of wills. 

    1/10/2020 2:55:42 PM

    Here we go! The long-awaited rematch between Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon and Jonathan “The General” Haggerty for the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title! 

    1/10/2020 2:54:20 PM
    Stamp landed 111 strikes. Tomar landed 25.
    1/10/2020 2:53:06 PM
    Stamp Fairtex defeats Puja Tomar via TKO at 4:27 of round one (mixed martial arts - women’s atomweight)
    1/10/2020 2:52:33 PM
    After a brief feeling out moment between the two women, it was Stamp who launched the opening kick. Tomar was forced backed into the corner, but she caught another kick and planted the two-sport ONE World Champion down onto the mat.
    Stamp got up and proceeded to unload hammer blows onto "The Cyclone" and they both went to the canvas. After a brief scramble, Stamp managed to take her opponent’s back.
    The Thai star transitioned from side control into full mount, but Tomar had her leg wrapped up. This did not stop Stamp from unleashing a series of elbows, followed by punishing strikes.
    Tomar might have continued to soak up more punishment, but Stamp did not relent. This forced the referee to jump in and call the quick first-round stoppage.
    1/10/2020 2:52:03 PM
    1/10/2020 2:37:10 PM

    Don’t sleep on “The Cyclone.” She has defeated hometown heroes before, and she can do it again. Read all about her sacrifices en route to joining The Home of Martial Arts before this bout begins.

    1/10/2020 2:36:01 PM

    There it is in all its glory - the Stamp Dance! Learn about its history by reading this ONE feature.

    1/10/2020 2:34:29 PM

    We go to the atomweight division for Puja “The Cyclone” Tomar vs. Stamp Fairtex. Can Stamp continue her perfect record in mixed martial arts and keep history within reach?

    1/10/2020 2:33:53 PM

    Muangthai knew he was in for a rough night, but he is thrilled to have defeated Brice Delval. "I accepted that this fight would not be easy because of my opponent's tall height advantage," he said. "His teeps created a lot of problems for me, and I could not get close to him. But finally, I got close to him, and I won."

    1/10/2020 2:32:09 PM
    Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai defeats Kenta Yamada via unanimous decision (ONE Super Series Muay Thai - bantamweight)
    1/10/2020 2:30:47 PM
    Sangmanee went high with a kick, and the toes grazed the head of Yamada. The Japanese athlete threw a right hand, but as he committed to the strike, he left his body open for a damaging kick. Another kick nearly lifted Yamada off his feet as it dug into the midsection.
    The Japanese striker showed his toughness by continuing to step forward, but the Thai kept scoring with his kicks each time he moved ahead.
    Yamada tried to respond with a spinning back fist, but it missed the mark. Sangmanee's output slowed, and Yamada still came forward.
    The Japanese warrior failed to land a clean blow, but he came forward until the final bell. It was an incredible show of heart in the face of Sangmanee's outstanding performance.
    1/10/2020 2:30:29 PM
    Sangmanee came right out to pressure Yamada again. He stayed in front of the Thai star, but he ate more kicks to the body.
    "The Million Dollar Baby" landed elbows inside, and one damaged his Japanese opponent above the eye. The referee called for injury time to check the wound, and he was deemed fit to continue.
    Yamada stormed out to try and score points, but a thudding body kick backed him up immediately. He was not about to go quietly and came forward with more combinations to drag his opponent into deep waters in front of his home crowd.
    The bell rang to signal the end of the round, and Sangmanee bounced around, looking fresh and ready for the final frame.
    1/10/2020 2:25:14 PM
    Yamada threw first with leg kicks, but Sangmanee's quickness and power were soon evident. He scored with a kick to the body that moved Yamada back.
    "The Million Dollar Baby" began marching forward with Yamada's back against the ropes. The two clinched, and Sangmanee dumped Yamada to the mat.
    Sangmanee unleashed multiple kicks to the midsection. Some were blocked, but the constant output affected his counterpart. Yamada avoided the big blow, but Sangmanee's continued production with his leg kicks touched the Japanese athlete up throughout the round.
    Only so many kicks can be blocked or deflected until even those take their toll, and Yamada tested the limits in the first round.
    1/10/2020 2:20:29 PM
    1/10/2020 2:11:41 PM
    Yamada needs to be careful against the seven-time Muay Thai World Champion. After all, people with million dollar nicknames do amazing.
    1/10/2020 2:10:55 PM
    How did “The Million Dollar Baby” become a teenage icon in Thailand? Read about his journey right here.
    1/10/2020 2:09:58 PM
    The show keeps rolling along with another bantamweight Muay Thai affair. “The Million Dollar Baby” Sangmanee Sathian Muaythai and Kenta Yamada tangle to move one step closer to a potential World Title shot.
    1/10/2020 2:06:07 PM
    Thanh Le defeats Ryogo Takahashi via knockout at 2:51 of round one (mixed martial arts - featherweight)
    1/10/2020 2:04:41 PM
    Le went on the early offensive as he slammed two kicks in succession that stung Takahashi’s midsection.  “Kaitai” replied with a series of punches, but it was his inside leg kick that found its mark.
    Both men circled in the center, but Le stepped off to the side and uncorked a piston left jab that very nearly caught Takahashi clean. “Kaitai” struck again with a leg kick, but unfortunately it was caught by Le.
    Le pushed his opponent back down to the mat and quickly pounced with a ferocious right hand, which knocked Takahashi down again.
    The referee had seen enough, and he stopped the bout. Le wins and maintains his 100% finishing rate.
    1/10/2020 2:04:02 PM
    1/10/2020 1:53:16 PM

    The two sensational welterweights combined for 18 knockouts in 23 victories! Batten down the hatches for this one.

    1/10/2020 1:52:19 PM

    Thanh Le and Ryogo Takahashi are set for a big featherweight bout next. The winner will have a great case to challenge for Martin Nguyen’s World Championship with a show stealing performance. This is a can’t miss contest.

    1/10/2020 1:51:38 PM

    Liam Harrison defeats Mohammed Bin Mahmoud via knockout at 2:03 of round one (ONE Super Series Muay Thai - bantamweight)

    1/10/2020 1:50:42 PM
    The opening 30 seconds was a feeling out process for both men. Mohammed utilized his leg kicks to keep Harrison at a safe distance.
    The Malaysian kept throwing the leg kick, and Harrison read him perfectly. When Mohammed moved forward, he leveled "Jordan Boy" with a left hook that sent him to the mat. Somehow, Mohammed answered the count.
    Harrison was all over Mohammed from that point onward.
    A short right elbow put "Jordan Boy" back on the canvas. It looked like it was over, but Mohammed got up again. As soon as the bout started again, Harrison unleashed a flurry to get the referee's stoppage.
    It was a decisive performance from "Hitman" Harrison.
    1/10/2020 1:50:17 PM
    1/10/2020 1:42:34 PM
    Liam Harrison expects a highlight-reel finish to this contest. Read his plans to finish “Jordan Boy” right here before the action gets underway.
    1/10/2020 1:38:16 PM
    Ready for main card action? Bantamweight firepower is on deck when Liam “Hitman” Harrison meets Mohammed “Jordan Boy” Bin Mahmoud in 2020’s first main card match-up!
    1/10/2020 1:31:11 PM

    And now, a message from Jon Bon Jovi.

    1/10/2020 1:27:10 PM

    That finishes the prime card. Find out how you can watch the main card in your country right here.

    1/10/2020 1:25:58 PM
    Muangthai PK. Saenchaimuaythaigym defeats Brice Delval via split decision (ONE Super Series Muay Thai - bantamweight)
    1/10/2020 1:24:27 PM



    Following an initial engagement, Muangthai put Delval back on his bicycle and circled away from the Thai’s engagement. That prompted a heavy warning from the referee, causing “The Truck” to become more active and engage.


    The two went back and forth with body kicks and punches, but soon, “The Truck” circled away and countered off the back foot again. As Muangthai chased him down, Delval was tiring.


    “Elbow Zombie” attacked with his kicks and punches, and he never once let up the pressure once he had it. But Delval was effective when picking his shots off the back foot.

    1/10/2020 1:23:30 PM



    Muangthai got off to a quick start, but “The Truck” landed a teep to the face. That made the “Elbow Zombie” smile.


    Somewhat living up to his nickname, Muangthai marched forward with a high guard and forced his rival to strike off the back foot. As Delval circled away, he kept throwing various kicks. However, the Thai’s roundhouse turned his rival’s ribs red.


    After a warning from the referee for lack of activity, Delval landed another teep to the head. “Elbow Zombie” was not fazed, and he continued to chase his opponent down.


    “The Truck” continually circled away and countered, but Muangthai was effective with his high guard, strikes, and forward-pressure.

    1/10/2020 1:18:55 PM



    Following a touch of the gloves, Delval opened up with a set of teeps. Muangthai threw a kick, but he fell when “The Truck” struck him with a right hand. The Algerian pushed the action and kept mixing up his kicks. 


    Delval heavily utilized the teep and roundhouse body kicks, and he tried to jab from a distance. Muangthai took his time to figure out his opponent’s range and in the final seconds of the bout, the “Elbow Zombie” put his taller foe on the back foot.


    Although Muangthai started landing teeps and punches of his own, Delval was more active in the opening stanza.

    1/10/2020 1:14:24 PM
    1/10/2020 1:08:21 PM

    The Algerian will try to play spoiler for Thailand’s Muangthai in front of a raucous Bangkok crowd. Expect deafening cheers for “Elbow Zombie” throughout this cracking match.

    1/10/2020 12:59:59 PM

    We return to the bantamweight Muay Thai division for the final match on the prime card. Muangthai “Elbow Zombie” PK. Saenchaimuaythaigym takes on former ONE World Title challenger Brice “The Truck” Delval.

    1/10/2020 12:57:11 PM
    Raimond Magomedaliev defeats Joey Pierotti via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:50 of round one (mixed martial arts - welterweight)
    1/10/2020 12:53:24 PM
    Pierotti started with a leg kick, but Magomedaliev anticipated and caught it. The two tangled near the ropes, but the Dagestani swung two hard elbows that grazed Pierotti’s cheek.
    Both men exchanged a series of knees in the clinch, but Magomedaliev again cracked the American with a couple of blistering elbows. An injury timeout was called to check the damage on Pierotti.
    Once action resumed, Magomedaliev landed a nice head kick. Pierotti, who seemed unfazed, tried to wrestle the Dagestani athlete to the ground. Inside the clinch, Magomedaliev continued to attack his rival with a knee to the head, but the American refused to go down. A second injury timeout is called.
    After the referee checked out the damage inflicted on the American, he sprang out of his corner with a flurry of strikes and, again, attempted a takedown.
    Magomedaliev swept the Washington native to the canvas before he put the exclamation point on a phenomenal round with a guillotine choke, which forced the tap and ended the match.
    1/10/2020 12:52:30 PM
    1/10/2020 12:38:24 PM
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